If you dream of working in an international location, you can pursue a career path that gives you the opportunity to move to another country. Many of these types of careers are known to pay excellent salaries and provide job stability. These four exciting career paths will allow you to work internationally. Flight Attendant Becoming a flight attendant can be an especially suitable career if you enjoy flying on airplanes to different destinations around the world. Whether you want to explore different parts of Asia, Europe, or Australia, a career as a flight attendant will let you live your dream. Your role in this position will be to serve passengers meals and beverages while doing everything possible to ensure everyone’s safety. There are schools that can prepare you for a career in this field, or you might receive on-the-job training from the airline that chooses to hire you to get you ready to work. Supply Chain Management Specialist In this position, you’ll oversee the movement of goods or raw materials from one location to another. You’ll be working within a supply chain and other networks to ensure that each item makes it to its intended destination. A career in supply chain management offers opportunities to relocate to different international locations where items are shipped or received. To get started in this career, you’ll want to have earned a masters in supply chain management and obtained any additional training that can prepare you for the job. Travel Writer As a travel writer, you’ll create articles and blogs about different places around the world. The best way to learn more about these destinations is to travel to them and immerse yourself among the locals. You’ll then be able to give first-hand accounts of your time spent at attractions, hotels, and restaurants within a given area. You can either choose to freelance and sell your articles to magazines, newspapers, and travel content websites or seek employment with an agency that needs travel writers. A mastery of spelling and grammar will be essential for success in this career. Instructor If you’re an expert in a particular subject, working as an instructor can lead you to many exciting international career opportunities. You might choose to work as a ski instructor at one of the top resorts in Canada or Europe and earn a living while teaching children and adults the proper ski techniques. Teaching English in a foreign location can also be a rewarding career. If you’re skilled in the culinary arts, you can try holding cooking classes in different countries where you can teach visitors how to prepare many dishes from local cuisines. You don’t have to stay stuck in your hometown to earn a living. Pursuing any of these careers may give you the chance to spread your wings and take flight to an exciting foreign locale.


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