A traditional Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is great for very small businesses but when your organization features a sort of job postings and candidates, it’s a pain within the future. Although you would possibly be ready to hold onto your current outdated ATS Features, But you’d be missing out on the advantages that RecruitBPM could bring including: Client PortalCommunication and MessagingJob Posting and Career PortalE-signaturesBackground ChecksCost-effectiveness Client Portal:Unlike many Applicant Tracking Systems that get into the market which doesn’t provide the luxury of client portals, RecruitBPM provides dedicated interfaces for clients where you’ll be able to review candidate application progress throughout the method. This portal helps you track a specific client’s life cycle right from job application submission to placement and further enables you to either review, approve, or reject candidates with one click. Communication and Messaging:A practical and effective communication among the stakeholders is an integral part of every business to run successfully. As they are saying, “Communication works for those that work on it” and yes, we’ve worked at it by integrating preferred Email (Gmail and Outlook), SMS, and phone calls within RecruitBPM’s ATS Features. Now you’ll be able to access these communication channels without having to go away from the system – making it easier for you to speak together with your candidates and contacts. Job Posting and Career Portal:There are tens of renowned job boards online. What if you’re alleged to reach every single board one after another to post-employment opening? Sounds chaotic? Well, RecruitBPM provides you with the work Posting and career portal feature to post open jobs to multiple job boards (Glassdoor, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, CareerJet, Linkedin, etc.) which ensures reaching the utmost number of candidates to make the simplest talent pool. Not only this but you’ll customize a career portal together with your own logos, styles, and brand colors. e-SignaturesPrinting a contract, offer letter, and other documents for the aim of signing it is often a really hectic task and may compile an enormous number of document files. With RecruitBPM’s e-Signature feature you’ll now digitally sign these documents securely without having to print them out and helps manage the documents in an organized way. This not only saves valuable time but also increases employee productivity. Cost-effectivenessLike many other features, when it involves the subscription charges, RecruitBPM stands out above its competitors with subscription plans ranging from $19 per user per month with none hidden charges. Our valuable clients can cancel the subscription without incurring any cancellation fee also. Let’s TalkRecruitBPM has helped thousands of organizations like yours to make on their effectiveness by hunting down their on-going struggles with outdated ATS features. Our clients commonly achieve: Increased number of candidates A reduction within the onboarding cycle time of 20%An increase in employee productivity by 30%Saved thousands of dollars annually We’d wish to help your business grow! Sound Interesting for your organization! Jump into a Live Demo with us or Start your 7 days free trial Now.


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