Recruiting software is often used by hiring teams to automate the workflows of the hiring processes. Hiring teams use the software to find qualified candidates, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and send out a job offer. There are a variety of recruitment tools with similar functions available in the marketplace. Most commonly used are ATS, CRM, interview software, candidate screening software, Chabot’s, etc. Finding the right recruitment software is crucial for your organization’s recruitment process. After the research, we present a few capabilities of recruitment platforms that are a must for attracting and managing top talent. Here is how you can select the best software based on certain features. Automating Time-Consuming Tasks It is the most common usage of recruitment software. Selecting the software that can automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks and allow the team member to do other meaningful tasks is the first choice for hiring teams. Some areas where you can apply automation are automated resume screening, sourcing, candidate outreach, and interview scheduling. Look for AI AI-powered recruitment software can scan through hundreds of CVs and get you the perfect candidates in quick seconds. Whereas doing this manually would take days. So it is not only in screening but also in many other areas where AI technology presents a great way for recruiters to work quickly and efficiently. According to ideal screening resumes and shortlisting candidates to interview is estimated to take 23 hours of a recruiter’s time for a single hire. Today, AI is commonly used in candidate sourcing, selection, interviews, and follow-ups. Easy Integration Recruitment software should offer easy integration. It means it should be able to communicate with all of your applications easily. Usually, most software is communicating via an application programming interface (API) which helps to reduce the time involved in the hiring processes. Recruitment Analytics Recruitment has become smart means recruiters now make decisions based on data and not on their intuitions. This feature of Recruiting software helps recruitment teams to turn the data into actionable insights to make accurate hiring decisions. With analytics, you can identify the top candidates and commonalities between best hires to repeat the process if necessary. Improves Diversity Organizations use software to remove the bias from the hiring process by implementing recruitment software and create a diverse talent pool. Recruitment software features allow the hiring team to enable or disable to see candidates’ race, age, education details, email account, pictures, etc. So before you decide to invest in any recruiting software, find out which software can simplify the recruitment process and make it more effortless. Already published at