So Google Developers has many sub sites that can be of use for us in staffing. This includes an Expert Developer Community, Developer Groups, Student Clubs, Women Techmakers, and Accelerators. They all have large number of members. Today we will look at the Expert community which boasts well over 800 experts in various technologies and languages form around the world.  The Expert community is not ver well known to us in staffing, bnut can be a good resource for candidates. Now to source in it you have 2 methods. The site itself or xraying I will show both   So, to source within the Google Developer Expert community you can 1 use the site which is easy enough you follow the url below, pick a technology and pick a region. Now alternatively you can simply do an xray such as below (“Android” AROUND 10 “Technologies”)   Then use your social detective skills and you are set.   If you need more info on X-raying see my blog post   Until next week may the source be with you!!