If you hire based on “just like me” you lose the diversity of ideas necessary to improve your organization. #TLSContinuum Think about your last hire before this CoVid-19 crisis? How did you decide which candidate to hire? Research has shown that we tend to settle on those who most resemble us- in looks,, in thoughts and beliefs. But you do your organization a disservice when you do this. In this VUCA age we are in, the workplace demands more. It requires us to look for diversity of thought. It requires us to consider more than what we should do, it requires us to consider what could we do? To answer this question we must be open to new sources of ideas. The millennials are showing us the path. They are open to full collaboration with who and wherever the knowledge lies. When we enter into full spectrum thinking we need to be able to go beyond the obvious to find the best solutions. This means that we need to hire someone who is comfortable in the online world if we are not. This means that we need to hire someone for their skills not their looks. This means we need to hire someone who thinks differently than we do. Innovation happens from being able to change those little things in the way we do things to improve our processes. This does not happen when we are looking in the mirror of our views and not out the window to the marketplace. So after we get through this crisis reconsider how you identify and hire your next team member. Your next hire just might be the one that takes the organization to new heights.


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